Become a rider in seven easy steps!

1. Once you start the online application, you’ll be asked to watch a 10 minute video about what it means to be a rider and then take a short quiz to check your understanding.

2. After passing the quiz, you’ll choose which contract type you want and upload relevant information and documents (address, birthdate, work permit, university enrollment (if applicable), etc.)

3. Once we approve your documents (~1-7 days), you’ll be invited to attend either an in-person or online onboarding session where we’ll go into more detail about life as a rider and answer any questions you may still have.

4. If you’re still interested in signing up, we’ll email you your contract and all that’s left is your digital signature!

5. After receiving your signed contract, we’ll order your equipment and clothing. Depending on the city, the equipment will either be sent by post or available for pick-up in person.

6. While waiting for your equipment, you’ll provide us with a few more details to set up your payroll (social security number, health insurance, tax ID, etc.) to make sure you can get paid as soon as you start riding.

7. As soon as you have your backpack, we’ll help you set up your first shift and with that, you’re all set to go!

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