As soon as you have a residency in Germany you need to have a health insurance. You are free to choose which health insurance you take. However, depending on your contract type, there are differences between the health insurances. 

You pay your dues as minijob on your own, so you can be insured at a German or foreign health insurance. Also travel insurances (e.g. mawista, HanseMerkur, Care Concept) can be used to work as minijob. 

As working student you pay your dues on your own as well. You need a German health insurance or a foreign health insurance. However, if you want to use a foreign health insurance as working student, you need a prove of a german health insurance that your foreign one is valid in Germany. 

As midijob (part-time) and full-time you need a German health insurance. Your contributions for your health insurance will be calculated according to your wage and directly subtracted from it. 

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